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Bad Girls And Damsels Causing Distress

I've been watching kdramas for quite a few years now and I can safely say that there are very strong female characters. The heroines are usually saccharine goody goodies, poor yet cheerful. We have our stock female second leads who are usually manipulative backstabbers.  And of course who can ignore the older woman. A mother, or future mother-in-law, maybe an aunt in some cases. This woman is mean and sometimes just plain crazy.

Every now and then I do come across a drama that writes women well. Gu Family book was one of them, My Name is Kim Sam Soon was another. But this is so rare that it's almost a tragedy.

Yet, strangely, despite a kdrama writer's failure to create good girls, they sure do know how to do evil and bad-ass pretty well.

Here are my top three bad women. They are not the always lead but they make an impression nonetheless.

Cho Sun: A gisaeng by day, a masked assassin by night, Kim Min Seo plays the other woman in Sungkyunkwan Scandal with far more depth than the writer probably intended.

Cha Yeon Jin: Oh Boy, does this girl do some damage. Killer Girl K is dark and horrifyingly grotesque is many scenes but I can't tell how much I loved Han Groo's portyal of an expelled high school student who goes postal when her mother is kidnapped.

Lee Jin Sook: A drug distributor in the currently airing Heartless City started out as a prostitute and worked her way up to become recognized and feared in the male dominated society of organized crime. Kim Yoo Mi plays this woman with style.

An honorary mention to Kim Hyo Sun who play Kim Eu Soo in Heartless City. She is not in many scenes but the few that she's in has me fearing for the life of the hero.

Who else do you think I should include?

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