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All About Kim Woo Bin

We over at pickle land love our bad boys and girls.  It's not easy being wicked. It has to come with a certain look. And no one rocks the sexy evil quite like Kim Woo Bin.

He's got the look that says "Come spend some time with me... so I can drink your blood."

The powers that be must have realized his potential, because he did actually play a vampire in the bizarre sitcom Vampire Idol. Its only slightly ironic that he's not the idol nor did he drink much blood. And he wasn't really evil.

But he did participate in the least swoon worthy shower scene ever. (Really!Three naked men and all I see are the bats! )

This 24 year old model turned actor started out with the name Kim Hyun Joon and played Mad Mi Rue in the chilling White Christmas,
And no, I didn't search for half naked pics of him. #AmSoLying
followed by the 1 episode drama special Cupid Factory.

He changed his screen name to Kim Woo Bin in Vampire Idol and appeared on and off in A Gentleman's Dignity as the highschool student who bullies the forty year old Jang Dong Gun,

in two episodes of To The Beautiful You and in the 2EYES music video Don't mess with me where he played a betraying heartbreaker.

I've always liked his very bad-boy look, but it was not till School 2013 that he really made me stand up and notice him as an actor

KWB's Park Heung Soo was the troublemaker, the jjang, the boy everyone was scared of.

Until we find out he's actually not.

He's Go Nam Soo's (Lee Jong Suk's) source of guilt; the guy whose dreams were destroyed because his best friend couldn't let go of him.

Park Heung Soo made Kim Woo Bin look good. So good in fact that he's now got a chance to act opposite Lee Min Ho in Heirs  aka The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight (Coz a long title adds to the weight of the crown and no one wants a light crown coz then who'd bother to wear it - it just wouldn't be cool and...ok - imma gonna stop) – The Heirs. *Happy Dance*

My interest in Heirs just quadrupled the day I heard of him joining the cast.

Kim Woo Bin plays Yoon Chan Young, one of the few non-heirs in this drama and the son of the secretary of the Empire Group. He is dating Kim Tan's (Lee Min Ho) ex-girlfriend. I can see a lovely rivalry in the making. Is it too much to hope that we see a bromance between these two hot guys as well?

UPDATE (Thanks to anonymous) : Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, the bad boy bully who shows his affection for our heroine by torturing her (It's cute...kinda...like having your pigtails pulled).


Kim Woo Bin, Fighting!

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  1. In The Heirs, hes not dating kim tan's ex. he was actually kim tan's best friend until..

  2. In the Heir, he is not playing Chan Young.

  3. Yup. Thanks guys. I corrected it.

  4. Hi am yemsrak &am a big fan woobin i really admire him because he have 2 incridable talents &i hope he will do a great job in the future &am sure am he‘s biggest supporter & fan.i wish you all the best.woobin keep up the good work.;-)