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10 Best Scenes of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God 도깨비

If you are an avid Goblin addict then you must be flipping tables 'cause of the cancelled episode. But I am calming myself down by telling myself that there are 3 episodes next week. That's right episode 15 and 16 will be back to back! Just another 5 days to go!

Goblin made me realize that 1 knight in shining armour is never enough ;) But enough about my fantasies and let's go down to the best scenes from Goblin.

Note: I have seen many, many previews and trailers but I have to say that Goblin trailers and preview do not do justice to the drama. While watching the promos, I was hardly motivated to watch the drama if not for Gong Yoo. Same goes for the previews. Thank the Goblins, I decided to watch this explosive series. 

It was manically difficult for me to make this list. But I finally got it down to the most meaningful scenes

10. Photo Time: If you ignore the product placement of Canon, the feels in this scene can make you smile. Taking photos usually means tragedy is going to befall them. Such is the logic of K-dramas!

9.Glory, Glory Glory Alleluah: What's more adorable than Sunny trying to fend of ghosts? The Grim Reaper's lovely smile. He is usually lost,sad or haunted, but he smiles, angel's sing!! I absolutely ADORE that smile.

8. Saving Ji Eun Tak: Since Eun Tak has been in danger N number of times, but the most impactful one was saving her from the bus accident. Here are two reasons why - 1) Gim Shin pretty much does not involve himself  in human life and death but for this particular event he went out of his way to not just save her but save more than 20 people. 2) The mystery as to why Eun Tak was not in any of the Grim Reaper's card and why Gim Shin was not able to see her in his vision. Hopefully we would get the answer to this later on.

7) Morning Dramas and Birth Secrets: If the grim reaper was not adorable enough his craze for korean dramas makes me like him even more. The moment when he finds out the birth secret of his usual Monday morning drama followed by Gim Shin realising he blurted out his secret to Eun Tak was a complete package of cuteness overload. Also, the unexpected factor of having a Grim Reaper so addicted to dramas is so refreshing :)

6) 2 Knights in Black: What is better than 1 knight in shinning armor? The slow walk, the confidence in the air, the fog... all created the perfect ambiance for saving our damsel in distress.

5) Business Cards: Grim reaper has quite a few problems of his own and the major one is that he does not have a business card. He is torn between his desire to meet Sunny and not having a name to put on his card. All he can do now is look like a sad puppy that has lost his way home :( It's good that Sunny has no issues that he does not have a business card else I don't think I could take any more of his sad looks.

4) First Meetings; Its Fate! Fate was always meant to be romantic. Gim Shin meeting the love of his life is Fate. But the fate of Grim Reaper and Sunny/Kim Sun has an ominous feel. especially when Sham Shin says "You will both pay a heavy price for it anyway.". I just hope they have a happy end in this life time atleast.

3) Creepy Ghosts: Yes, Yes, i know this is scene has creeped our everybody but you need to appreciate the scene for the brilliant way of re-introducing Park Joong Ah. I do wish we were given more hints of his existence as a ghost instead of 5 mins. But his entry was probably the best entry a villain could hope for.

2) Model Walk and Green Onions: This scene just shows that a 900 year old Goblin and a 300 year old Grim Reaper are just Boys who want to show off their looks!
I don't have words to describe this scene, expect WOW!

1) This Kiss: Apart from being pretty hot, the sadness in every part of Gim Shin is visible in that kiss. Knowing this would be his last moment with her and not wanting to part with her... Gong Yoo, you break my heart!

10 is too short a number for a drama like Goblin where you have umpteen number of scenes that make you laugh, cry or sigh! Though the drama has this flaws, the writing and acting has made this a near perfect korean drama. I just hope the last 3 episodes does not disappoint cause we drama addicts know that can happen. Fingers Crossed and praying to the Goblins!!!

What are your favorite scenes throughout the series? Share them in the comments below!

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