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Heartless City: Our Hero Just Got Some

There are some sex scenes that are hot, some that are poignant, some that make you laugh and some that make you go eewww.

And then are some that are so awesome that they deserve a post of their own.

Heartless City outdid itself in episode 10 when it delivered steamy hot with moments of absolute tenderness. Both our leads are in such dark places right now, with Baksa just trying to stay alive and Soo Min in over her head in a world she doesn't understand, that even as strangers they seem to connect.

I wanted to dissect this scene from beginning to end but I'll let it speak for itself. Words are out of place during sex anyway.


Yoon Soo Min(After the first kiss): I'm not drunk at all.

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  1. Loved episode 10 this Drama is definitely one of my top 3 loved every moment