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W-Two Worlds: Series Review

Remember a time when we thought all K-Dramas are the same and we could predict almost every scene. Though I admit not all of them are similar, you cannot disagree that you do have your own share of predictable dramas plots and cliché . But then W-Two Worlds came into my life and I will never be the same again. Apart from fantasizing that my favorite webtoon lead would turn out to be a real gorgeous, rich and heavenly man, I think W has sort of spoilt me for other dramas. W is fantasy drama which has its own set of rules and logic. The rules have been so tightly woven within the story-line, that you don't really question it. All credits of drama goes to the exceptional way the story was written.

Beware of Spoilers Ahead!

The story leads Oh Yeon Joo, a doctor from the real world meets and falls in love with Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk), a lead character from the Webtoon W have played their parts to perfection. While Oh Yeon Joo is a scatter brain who has a cheerful personality, Kang Chul is ambitious, driven and focused. While Oh Yeon Joo is flustered easily, nothing can fluster Kang Chul.

The story starts off simple enough - Heroine gets dragged into the manhwa (webtoon) world and we know that her dad, the creator of the webtoon was also dragged off in the same world at the same time. She meets and save Kang Chul's life and falls head over heals in love with him and marries him. Kang Chul not only realises he is a Webtoon character but also gets over his depression over having a set path to his life is happy knowing he is going to live the rest of his life as a comic book character. All is well! And this happens in the first 7 episodes.What happens next is a heart wrenching, complicated and ridiculously thrilling episodes that ensures you are at the edge of your seats.

Apart from the mind bending chemistry of our OTP, Oh Sung-moo played to perfection by Kim Eui-sung brought about the addicting factor to the drama. He started out as Mr. Oh, the comic book novelist who shot to fame with his webtoon W. He was a weak-willed man who resorts to drinking to find solace. He would rather make a deal with the devil (in this case a faceless villain) and then promptly forgets about it. I did find it funny in a sad way that our faceless villain was tele-porting   himself just to have an identity and know he was.

Major Spoilers: The twist in the plot of having a Kang Chul 2.0 who never really recovers his Kang Chul 1.0 memories was unexpected but in a nice way. It was after all a webtoon and not an enchanted fairy tale where one kiss could make him remember everything.

But, there is always a But and I hate it when that happens. The finale of the series did not really leave me satisfied at the slightest. When I was waiting for 19 episodes for answers, I did not get them. Why could she and her father move in and out of the webtoon? What was so different about the tablet? How did he become more powerful than the writer who created him? Did the Kang Chul 2.0 really love Oh Yeon Joo? And why in God's name was the Love declaration scene so insignificant.

All in All, this was one of the best dramas of 2016 and is definitely worth a watch. I give this one a 4.5 /5 for the first 19 episodes and a 3/5 for the 20th episode and a special 6 /5 for all the kiss scenes ;)

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  1. Umm..I see you do not really get this plot....there are so many things to think about here. I actually enjoy the second half more firsy half because of the climax and the chatacter of the Kang Chul 2.0 who was more determined than before. As for question why Oh Yeon Joo and her father go in and out of the webtoon is the fantasy logic of this. In fact this webtoon world is alive and there are logic rules for it to connect with the world Yeon Joo is living in.I won't much farther because you curious about what the writer's message rather than the fantasy logic. For the tablet,I believe it is copied, so you can use this copy tablet and not any other or new ones. And how the villian become powerful than the creator? Well, I think a weak willed Oh Sung Moo was jealous of Kang Chul's strong willness to live and to fight as well as the character's righteous trait. That's one of the reason why he actually wanted to kill him. In this he shared his soul with the villian he created.So it made the villian easy to eat him out. There is no way you could think the Kang Chul 2.0 did not love Yeon Joo. In fact, it's so obvious he attracted toward her from the start though he did not remember her. Also we obviously see his rage after he saw Yeon Joo was shot. His confession of love was not romantic nor passionate but it felt very true to me. He want her to know but he did not know how to express it. He just said it directly....overall this drama is very solid but it makes you think a lot. I am not a writer nim but I think the message of this drama is fight for the fullest and to create your own life. There are many more things to think about....