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Korean Remake of Criminal Minds courts Lee Joon Ki and Kim Ah Joong

Lee Joon Ki has had a busy 2016. First with Moon Lovers and then his special appearance in "Resident Evil". It has been confirmed that he is considering his new project which is the Korean remake of "Criminal Minds". Also considering the project is Kim Ah Joong, who was in 200 Pounds Beauty. 

If they do confirm the roles, I can't wait for this. Lee Joon Ki and Kim Ah Joong is a dream come true paring for me since I love them both. It has been long since Lee Joon Ki has taken up a modern role. His last projects were all Sageuk and I am dying to see him anything other than a Hanbok. He has previously played the role of an investigator in "Time Between Dog and Wolf" which helped him break away from his pretty boy image. 

Source: Soompi

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