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Things I learnt from a Korean Drama - Locations

We fans of Korean dramas obsess over every single minute details in a drama that we know the catch phrases, OST and clothes. I recently made a list of medical terms I came across in non-medical dramas. And now I make a list of landmarks I have come to know only through such dramas.

1) N Seoul Tower / Namsang Tower: I first came across this beautiful structure in Boys over Flowers. But over the years, i have seen this crop up in movies and dramas including You Who Came From the Stars. This is usually the place where our OTPs make a promise of undying love and promptly break up a few episodes later.

2) Han River Bridge: Again another spot seen in numerous dramas. Usually a pretty site needs to be used more often for a kiss scene. But then again K-dramas do things differently. Usually a scene here leads to a break up or one of our leads finding out some tragic truth. Whatever the reason, the river has witnessed many of our pretty boys and girls shed tears.

3) Gyeongbokgung: This is almost always shown in Saguek drama. The palace was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. a few dramas such as Moon Embraces the sun, Queen In Hyun's Man, Tree with deep roots would be your guide around the palace.

For more locations in Korea, do check out this link . This site gives you a detailed look at all the fun places in South Korea you can visit.

Let us know in the comments below, what locations you came to know thanks to Korean Dramas.  


  1. The only thing I've learnt about locations is that the Han River bridge is a suicide point of some kinds or it tends to give suicidal thoughts omg XD

    1. LOL. usually a break up, family birth secret of some k-drama tragic news is revealed at the Han Bridge. Hence they get suicidal :P