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To Kiss Or Not To Kiss - K-Drama Style

I was watching episode 12 of my current crack Secret (with Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum) and it made me wonder about the Korean drama Kiss Concepts. I realized that kissing in kdramas is not as simple as in real life.

Cause in real life a kiss is just a kiss, right? In kdramaland every kiss has a history, a tale to tell and, unfortunately, one the following standard MOPs.

1) The accidental kiss ( ‘coz nothing is more attractive than a klutz)

 2) The should’ve -would’ve-but-couldn’t kiss (‘coz I’m too lazy to try harder)

3) The sleeping beauty kiss (aka the I-can’t-risk-getting-slapped-kiss)

4) The cardboard kiss

5) The deer-in-head-lights kiss

6) But then there is the hot kiss. Very rare! This kind of kiss is an art form in itself.

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