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City Hunter Vs Healer : How Similar are they?

Every year Korean Drama Industry throws at us unsuspecting fangirls one Gem of a drama. It has the right mix of Romance, Comedy, Sizling Chemistry, Non-Freezed-up Kiss scenes and a solid storyline with amazing actors, directors and writers. Back in 2012, City Hunter was one of them. And now Healer seems to have fallen onto us.

I am not here to tell you how great Healer is, which it is. But more on how similar it is to City Hunter. Granted they have totally different plots and actors, or do they?

  • Plot : Protagonist wants to avenge the death of a loved one. An Action drama requires revenge to be its main plot if not subplot. In both the cases, secrets and misdeeds by the older generation leads the main character to train in martial arts and avenge their family. 

  • Park Min Young : Yes, She plays the lead role in both dramas. In City Hunter she was Body guard with a sad past while in Healer she is a Entertainment Journalist with a sad past. Though Kim Nana was a remarkable character, I must say I prefer watching her as Chae Min Young in Healer.

  • Double Life : In City Hunter, Lee Min Ho is MIT graduate working for the intelligence department while at night and sometimes broad daylight he is avenging the death of 20 Korean Officials. Ji Chang Wook plays "healer", a night courier. He later on goes to play the role of Park Bong Soo, a intern journalist though his true name is Seo Jung Hoo.

  • Black seems to be their choice of color : I don't oppose black and I understand the reasoning behind it. While City Hunter chose to wear black leather aided with a black face mash, Healer prefer to hide his face behind a hat/hoodie and what I assume is a customized Google Glass. 

  • Crazy rooftop stunts : Everyone remembers that deathly swing by Lee Min Ho in Episode 9 of City Hunter jumping from window sill to window sill. Healer also has similar scene. As he prefers to run to reach his destination, he needs to jump across rooftops. 

  • Disguises : Not sure how that works. But Spectacles and hats has always come in handy in Korean Dramas. It can hide the gender of a person. And both our leads have used these props to their advantage. Sometimes even broad day light. 

  • Mentor willing to take the blame: This is awfully convenient. What is the best way to get away from the cops and resume a normal life? Someone else willingly taking the blame.
  • Sidekicks : No hero is ever alone, even if he wants to be. So we have a Ajusshi and a Ajumma playing middleman/Sidekick. While in one case its a cook and the other case its a hacker. 

  • Love Bus : What more can I say about this expect that we have squealed our hearts out for these scenes. Buses have never looked as appealing as when this was happening.

  • The Dufuss Card : Even Superman played the "Dufuss" Card, To protect his true identity he acts like a total dufuss. Our heros have taken fake personas ranging from complete jerk, playboy to clumsy idiots.

  • Godmother Second Lead : Second Leads in both dramas have a secret agenda of being fairy godmother to our Damsel in distress. One is protecting her fromhis father while the other is protecting her from his brother.

    When I started watching healer, I couldnt help but notice these similarities.Let me know what you have noticed in the comment section below. .


    1. I did tooo!!!! I really love these two dramas!!!!!:) fighting^.^

    2. looks like two different persono_O

    3. same here...but i prefer city hunter...the plot & the ending was way better than the healer

    4. same here...but i prefer city hunter...the plot & the ending was way better than the healer

    5. Si lo vi desde el principio
      más las doramos son increíbles, pero todo eso que dijeron ya lo sabía

    6. yes there is a similarity, but I prefer healer, the chemistry between both main actors was perfect and it was much more romance than at city hunter