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You're All Surrounded - Series Review

Drama Ratings :
Average TNms Ratings - Nationwide : 12.0% | Seoul : 14.6%
Average AGB Nielsen Ratings - Nationwide : 12.0% | Seoul : 13.1%

Lee Seung Gi is back in a cop drama, "You're all Surrournded" after his awesome portrayal of Kang Chi in Gu Family Book.  Unlike the fun loving and amiable Kang Chi, Lee Seung Gi plays a rookie cop Eun Dae Gu, with a dark past which obviously means cold, unforgiving and brusque nature waiting to be softened by friends and a girl.
Plot : Kim Ji Yong (Lee Seung Gi) is the son of a single mom. Things are fine in the initial years with the only wet blanket being the jabs Kim Ji Young needs to hear about being the son of a single mother. Unfortunately, she witnesses a crime which is investigated by Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung-Won). She is found murdered in the apartment and before the same fate affects Dae Gu, he escapes and disappears only to re-appear as brooding, silent and prickly Eun Dau Gu, rookie cop to the violent crimes division. He is in the same team as Seo Pan Seok who he believes to be a dirty cop who leaked information which led to his mother's death.

Though believed to be a dirty cop, Seo Pan Seok is a legend in the field but also known to throw a fit. Initially annoyed at the fact to train rookie cops, he later warms up to them. The training scenes are a hoot of laughter. Other than Kim Ji Young, the team comprises of a bold girl Go Soo Sun, charming Park Tae Il and clumsy Ji Gook.

The love line between the characters played by Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara is almost hidden  and chemistry seems forced but I can totally forgive that if they show me more scenes between Cha Seung Won and his rookie team. The romance between the leads leaves much to be desired for, the chemistry between all 4 friends almost makes it forgivable.

Though not thrilling and sometimes slow, the drama has its plus points such as the adorable scenes between the characters and the hilarious reaction of their boss, TYou're all surrounded is a fun loving drama that has more focus on relationships than the crimes itself. Cha Seung Won has played the part to the T with hilarious expressions and comic timing. The first half of the series is fast paced and funny while I found the remaining half of the drama a bit draggy.
So all in all, I rate this drama a 3 out of 5.

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