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Things I learned from Korean Dramas - Medical Edition

Korean dramas are totally fun! And I learned a lot from them. Most of them are only applicable to drama land, but however unreal it was thoroughly entertaining. So, I will be starting a new theme which is - What I learnt from K-dramas. And this mostly is those little titbits, that we don't expect but however end up learning because of our Kdrama addiction. 

And I start out with the Medical Edition. Here is my list of medical stuff I learned from non-medical korean dramas. 

1) Stress makes you faint
Though I knew this, I was surprised by how easy it is to faint in a Kdrama. So my first learning session resulted in me knowing that over work can make you so tired that you faint. You would have seen this a lot in Korean dramas, especially when the girl is poor. She over works herself so much, that she faints and this in turn results in either a piggyback ride by the hero or a crazy and worried boy choosing to run towards the hospital rather than be there faster in a car which he just parked at the side. 

2) Sympathetic Pregnancy
Anyone who has seen Smile You would know what I am talking about. There are rare cases when the wife is pregnant, the man/husband feels so sympathetic towards you, that he feels your morning sickness, nausea and almost everything else the wife feels. Just to provide more proof, I have seen the same thing in House. 

3) Women's pulse is faster than Men
This comes in handy for all those cross dresser drama. First and only seen in Syunkyungwan Scandal, the doctor identifies that the boy is really not a boy but a girl only by feeling her pulse. After a a few Google searches and Soompi discussions, though not written in stone, this is true for a certain age group. 

4) Incase of Cramps, touch you tongue and then Nose
I saw this scene first in Goong, and though I was curious,I let it go as a heroine's trait rather than a cure for cramps. But I saw it quite a few times after that and realized that when you get cramps you can try this method.  Keep touching your tongue and nose continuously to stop your legs from cramping up. Very useful when trapped in closets and bathrooms. This can also be seen in the recent drama You're all Surrounded.  

Here is my short list, tell me what you have learned through Korean dramas. 

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