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You Who Came From the Stars - Series Review

It’s been ages since You Who Came From the stars ended. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to write a review about it. Was I sad that I am no longer a crazy person on a Wednesday and Thursday? Well, I defiantly don’t miss being crazy, But I do miss seeing Kim Soo Hyun’s face on a weekly basis. But more than that, the ending of the drama left me kind of empty inside.

Spoilers ahead!

Lesson learnt: So all aliens look like Korean and they can miraculously speak Korean  So, Alien lands on earth during the Jeoson era and is stuck here for the next 400 years. He, Do Min Joon meets actress Choi Syen Yi, who also conveniently happens to be his new neighbour and a love story ensures. Throw in a pyschopathic killer, two second leads who are hopelessly in love with the wrong person, lots of laughter, kisses and tears, you have You Who Come From the Stars.

My Verdict : I absolutely loved this drama.

I am not going to talk much about the leads and storyline since there is nothing much to say about the leads, expect that they rocked and they sizzled on screen. The ending regarding the whole wormhole thing came out of nowwhere. But I really dint care about it, since I just wanted a happy ending. But if you look at it logically, it seemed to be thrown at us. I am sure, no one watching the drama was expecting a wormhole to solve the whole problem. 

This drama had the right mix of romance, comedy and tragedy. The characters were brilliant though I am not really sure the point of Se Mi. She seemed like she could have been a strong character but she later was just an annoying filler. I am not really sure what exactly happened mid-way to the second leads. Cause booth Se Mi and Hee Kyung purpose in the drama seemed to have been diverted. But once the drama ended and I was able to analyse their character traits, I realized that they seemed to be the most human. And they recovered themselves in a realistic way. Like Se Mi realized that she wants Hee Kyung by her said always even if he is just a friend. She has made her peace with that, while Hee Kyung has become Syen Yi’s buddy. The one who is always by her side and she can be comfortable around him knowing he is not pining for her.

 For those who did not know, You who came from the stars released an extended epilogue which was cut off since the drama ran out of time. Here is it…

 And another treat for you guys! Watch this hilarious review of the You Who Came From the Stars from DramaFever  : http://www.dramafever.com/clip/751/Alwayswet's_MLFAS_Reaction/ (He talks really fast)

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