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Bride of the Century - Review

 I saw the preview of Bride of the century on DramaFever showcasing 3 other dramas and I was instantly curious. I was also enthralled by “Secret Love affair “, where Yoo Ah is a relationship with an older woman but let’s leave that for another blog post. 

Bride of century, a Korean drama like all other Korean dramas, involves a rich arrogant guy, good hearted poor girl, good guy second lead who is forever friend-zoned and the villainous woman who wants the rich arrogant guy’s money. But there is a nice and refreshing twist to the plot. The family is cursed. And the curse is…. Drumroll please… the bride of the eldest son dies, or mysteriously vanishes. Oh Did I forget to mention, the ghost also has a storyline and we see her communicate with a nerdy medium. I couldn’t help but laugh at those scenes.. in a cute way. 

Choi Kang-Joo, the eldest son of the Choi Family who runs the largest corportation –the Taeyang Group, has gotten himself entangled/mummy manipulated into an “arranged marriage” with Jang Yi-Kyung. But somehow Yi-Kyung comes to know about the curse and has disappeared. The second Manipulating Mummy does not want the golden goose to just go away from her hands, So comes in to the story doppelganger, Na Doo Rim who is coincidentally spotted by Yi-Kyung’s brother, Sung Hyuk. No guesses here who is going to be friend-zoned or Oppa-zoned. To make matters clear and not weird, he is the adopted son. Ya! Conveniently bring in that fact in so that we don’t think he is attracted to his sister’s look alike. The writer definitely believes that it’s the heart that matters and not the face. 

So anyway, Doo Rim pretends to be Kang Joo’s fiancé till they can find the real daughter. Unfortunately, cold-hearted beast falls for her and he comes to know about the curse and breaks off the engagement, much to the fury of Yi Kyung’s mother. This melodrama/sci-fi/romance/horror combination also includes plotting and manipulation by mothers. Like a curse wasn't enough to make it interesting, we have mother's plotting deaths, revenge and manipulating whoever they meet. 

Without giving too much away, since its one plot twist after another, there also seems to be a mystery that needs to be solved which can be done only by Doo Rim. And the friendly ghost keeps making an appearance to help her unlock the secret behind the curse. 

What do I think about the story line? Amazing! Did they do justice to the awesome story? Not really. This drama is certainly interesting and cute, but also includes cliché plotlines. But you can watch it for the whole unveiling of the curse keeping in mind that you have seen the same romantic plot in a hundred other dramas. I would rate this drama a 3/5.

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