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Queen In Hyun's Man - Series Review

If this year is about Medical dramas, 2012 was the year for time travelling scholars in Korean Drama Land. And Queen In-hyun’s man was one of them. Its all pretty simple actually. Our Hero, Kim Boong Do, is trying to re-instate the demoted queen back to her original status and is fighting evil guys both with his mind and his sword. He is given a magical talisman which transports him to 300 years in the future where he meets budding actress, Choi Hee Jin, Our Heroine.

Choi Hui Jin just got her break with a new drama where she portrays, Queen In Hyun, Coinincidence Much? She has problems of her own, as her ex is playing the role of the King and her co-star is not warming up to her. But her faithful friend who is also her manager, Ga Deuk-hee, tries to make Hee Jin's life as scandal free as possible. However, feelings are not reciprocated as Hee Jin is impulsive and goes around helping and then falling for a guy 300 years her senior

What is unique about this drama is that, the leads share a friendly and warm relationship from the get-go. Unlike other dramas where there is always some bickering happening, it was refreshing to watch the leads being friends and flirting from the beginning. And it’s totally cute how they interact. It’s almost like beauty and the brains. Most of the time, I was just squealing in delight with their cuteness

The male lead, Kim Boong Doo, was not a complicated character in the least. He is a brilliant bookworm who is according to me was the perfect Gentleman.  He is probably my favourite K-Drama hero till date. He is neither arrogant nor an ass but funny, brilliant and a man of his word. He managed to save every damsel in distress in the drama (hmmm...okay maybe not all.). From the actual queen to Choi Hui Jin. I felt that Ji Hyun woo played this part perfectly. It’s twice the effort playing the Playing the part of a studios, (basically boring) scholar, as its very easy to fall flat, if the actor cannot carry the role. You would need an extremely vibrant female lead to balance the pairing to keep viewers interested. But here, Ji Hyun Woo exerted the perfect levelof charm that was needed to keep the character interesting without overdoing it and adding a heroism to it. I was more than happy to just stare at him thinking. Kim Boong doon is the perfect example of being smart is the new sexy.... rawr!!

The female lead, ahhh.... such cuteness. Her implusiveness is great always landing her in a soup. I love the way she does not hide her lust for him. Always finding ways to kiss him. I mean, where do you find a girl so insanely open and yet innocent. 

Well, the drama wouldnt have been awesome if it wasnt for the writer. They have done an 5 star job in the story. Nothing was overdone. No plot was dragged for too long. And this is one of those rare dramas where all 16 episodes are fun and have a meaning plot line. 

Just when you think things are going to get boring, Bahm! She throws an axe right at your heart. And the finale had me in tears and in a bit of hyperventilation after seeing their kiss. 

I know that some of you might not have liked the ending of the phone acting as a talisman. When I initially saw, I was like whaaa.... they just forced that on us. But later as I thought about it, I felt probably I am not being imaginative enough. If a piece of cloth can transport him back and forth why can't a phone? But then again, that's what I felt.

All in All, this is one drama you should not miss at all! If you still aren't convinced to watch this drama, watch it for the steamy passionate kisses!!! It has the power to seriously melt you :0 . My standards for korean drama kisses have risen drastically. 

My Rating – 4.5/5

And here is an extra treat. For those who might not know, the leads started dating after the drama ended. Yay!!! 
And here is a clip of a deleted scene from Queen In Hyun's Man episode 16. 


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