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Must Watch Korean Horror Movies

Other than dramas, there is another genre that I love from the Korean Entertainment Industry and that is Horror. They really know how to scare you. Some of the movies are such block busters that they have been remade in English and other languages. But none of them can come close to the terrifying effect that Koreans film makers could induce.

So here is a few movies which I thought were brilliantly made. 

Tale of Two Sisters :

Plot: 2 sisters return after psychological  treatment only to witness and experience strange happenings within the house. Has their step-mother got something to do with it or is it something else? Creepy, Scary and an unimaginable twist at the end.

Whispering Corridors (The series) :

Plot: A series of movies set in high school but does not have a continuous plot. Each of the movies have a different plot but every one of them can make your hair stand on end.
  • Whispering Corridors (1998)
  • Memento Mori (1999)
  • Wishing Stairs (2003)
  • Voice (2005)
  • A Blood Pledge (2009)
One of the few series where the sequels were just as good as the original.

Phone :  Staring the beautiful Han Ji Wan.

Plot : After getting a few threatening calls for pursing a story on pedophilia, she changes her phone only to get the fright of her life when she answers the phone. This makes you think twice about buying a second hand phone.

Red Shoes

Plot : When I was watching this I dint really get freaked out. There were a few instances I got startled but nothing that causes goose bumps. But a must watch if you want a refreshing plot. Nothing Cliche about this movie. A woman gets a pair of red shoes and strange things start happening to her and around her. My warning : Don't pick up a pair of shoes that you find lying around even if they are gorgeous.