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Characters in a Korean Drama

After watching a few Korean Dramas, you must all be in awe. However, after watching a few dozen dramas you would be something like this

Don't get me wrong. I love K-Dramas, but sometimes you have to admit that well... you have seen it all. So lets start off.

1) The Rich Arrogant Boy

Most dramas have a similar lead character. He is Rich, powerful, totally conceited, and usually has returned from USA. He acts like a total Jackass to practically everyone around him and is extra mean to the girl who he ends up falling for. Sometimes, actually most of the times, you feel like giving him one tight slap. Now, he is  a moron for first couple of episodes and then dramatically, he becomes Mr. Big Ol' Softy! He is all but saving kitten from trees.

2) The Poor, Goodhearted Girl:
There are two scenarios here. She is born poor or she has become poor thanks to daddy's bad investment. Life would have been a total bitch to her however, she is nothing but goodness and sunshine to everybody around her. She works hard for her money and once in a while decides to pretend to be a guy. She stands up to Arrogant Boy when he puts her down and instead of hating him, she somehow starts missing him, and staring daggers at all the sexy women standing around him. Nothing like a Bad Boy to turn a woman on. And she loves being a martyr. She is so fast to give up the guy she loves for the good of the world or his mother :P its close to annoying.

3) Good Guy who doesn't get the Girl:
All Girls like Bad Boys... Even in K-dramas Land! So, being all good never got this guy anywhere other than being her Oppa. Most of the time, this guy is clueless as to how things turned out this way. I mean, he is hot, hard working, most of the times rich, and is Super NICE to the girl. Maybe that is the problem.

4) Wise Grandmother/Grandfather: 
Now this can change depending on dramas but there is always a wise old Grandmother or Grandfather, usually of the arrogant boy, who tries to mend the ways of his beloved Grandson by cutting him out from the inheritance. They adore the poor goodhearted girl who shows them utmost respect all the time. And there is always a scene where the spoilt grandson has learnt his lesson and is crying in the arms or lap of his grand parent.

5) Sexy Girl who never gets the guy:  
She may be a temptress, may have amazingly long legs and would be perfect for that Idiotic arrogant guy but she never gets him. Usually his friend from school, is hated by all good guys and grandparents. They also have a bitchy side to them which rears up its ugly head when they feel threatened by the good girl.

6) The Evil Woman :
No guy can become a hero without a villain, and no drama can go on for 16 episodes without an Evil Woman, usually in the form the Guy's mother but can also be Sexy girl's Mother. Now you'd think that the good little girl would try and stay clear from 1) rich boy who insults her at every given point of time 2) Evil mother who doesn't want poor girl near her son. But nooo, our poor little good girl, is always looking for a challenge in life. So in she gets in the plot fighting tooth and nail to keep her sanity and love safe which she promptly drops to be all sacrificial.

7) Idiotic Jackass Ex: Now this character has no morals, no sense of decency and is a complete Jackass. And one of our leads who have been dating this character. This person would have dumped the guy/girl in a unceremonious way and miraculously wants to get back together somewhere in the middle of the drama. Now the Total jackass is not this character but the guy/girl who considers getting back together with this moron,

So here is my brief description of characters I have seen in most of the dramas. Please do share your thoughts or more characters incase I have missed out anyone :)


  1. Ha ha! How about gambler dad of heroine?

    Oh! And there's also the ever prevalent noble idiot. Or is that a character trait in ALL or leads?

  2. Yes, How could I forget that!

    All leads have noble idiocy in them. its an occupational hazard :P

  3. Haha cracked me up, but its totally spot on! I was so awed when i came into the kdrama land, but now im like that grumpy cat, i could write out the script of the next episode just by the previews!

    1. I know, right? Unless of course it's the ending for Gu Family Book -coz I'm sure no one saw that coming.

    2. I sure didnt! T_T

  4. For some reason the first few had me thinking of Shinning Inheritance. lol
    I can't help but love them anyway, with all the cliches.

    Or the funny friends who end up dating each other. That's always more cute though.

  5. lol you're rite almost every Korean drama have the same story plot :P

    some are based on time-travel where the boy will come from past to future or the girl travels from future to past through an invisible path....and though there is a big difference in life style but the girl is ready to leave everything for the guy... and the history records changes magically :P :P and also at some point of time they will be separated and the person from the past will leave a letter for the future person and no one else but the actor/actress will find out that letter :P

    and also there are dramas based on gu-mi-ho where the gu mi ho always try to become human and the human is ready to accept him/her in any state whether a person or beast..
    most of the story plot is predictable but still i love these dramas and crazy about them :)