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All About Lee Jong Suk

If you haven’t watched School 2013 yet, go forth and watch or forever miss the sight that is this:

That’s Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin proving their ramen love to their teacher. School 2013 has just the right amount of angst and bromance to make it rise above the normal school drama. But that’s not the point of this post. This is:

If you’ve watched Prosecutor Princess (starring Park Shi Hoo), you probably missed the cute paralegal with the not-a-hair-out-of-place look. I don’t blame you.

But try and ignore this – I dare you!

As the gay singer with a crush on Oska, LJS rocked that role in Secret Garden.

And then came School 2013. LJS played the guilt-ridden-troubled-teen-turned-good-guy who stole my heart with his performance (I swear –those lips had nothing to do with it. Nothing.).

 If I ever watch a daily drama, High Kick 3 would be it. The reason? This:

Now if all these pictures don’t convince you to watch the ongoing I can hear your voice, (a legal thriller featuring LJS as a minder-reader – yes, I kid you not!),

I’m sure this will.

(It’s just at episode 4 – give the poor director a break. Episode 10 has the dibs on kissing scenes, don’t you know?)
Still on the meh train? How about:

Nothing like bleeding lips to convince a girl, right? Perfect!

Come on! Admit it! Don’t you just want to do this?

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  1. Finally someone who stalks LJS like me~ And maybe who doesn't think of me as crazy XD