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Korean Folktale - The Gumiho (구미호)

Every culture has one prime "Character" that keeps reappearing. As I am a Mallu i hear a lot of the "Kurukkan"(the fox).Most of them involved the fox stealing chickens but there was one that revolved around Rain on a sunny day. It is believed among Malayalees, that when it rains on a sunny day, there a fox getting married somewhere. Now I am not sure how this folktale came about since Rain and foxes seem to have no connection at all. But I can even now hear aunts and cousins mention this as a joke.

It is indeed strange that two cultures that are from different parts of the continent could have folk tales on similar lines. I first came across the tale of a Gumiho (A nine-taled fox) when the popular korean drama series "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" was released. Apparently, its a myth that when it rains on a sunny day, the Gumiho is crying. Isnt that cool! two cultures with absolutely no connection has similar stories.

A Gumiho (Gu mean 9) has a more advanced storyline than the malayalam version of the folktale. The korean folktale is of a nine-taled fox that can take the form of a human and if it feeds on the liver of humans. Said to be immensenly attractive, they can lure men and then carry out their evil deeds.There are Chinese and Japanese folktales which involves a fox. A Kitsume is a Japanese fox spirit and Huli jing is a Chinese fox spirit. 

Leaving the folktale behind and coming to modern times, "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" is one Awesome show. Starring Lee Seung Gi (Cha Dae Woong)and Shin Min Ah ( Min Ho, the Gumiho), this story has used to concept of a gumiho and given it quite a foxy twist. Unlike the Korean folktales, Min Ho  escapes from a painting and her only mission in life is to make Cha Dae-Woong  fall in love with her and eat meat. I learnt the Korean word for meat from this series. So can imagine how many times the word is mentioned. after watching this series I seemed to have gained few pounds as well ;)

This is one of my favorite dramas till date. The main reason being that this Korean series did not faze out towards the end. It had some really laugh-out-loud funny scenes and Shin Min Ah is the cutest Gumiho I have ever seen. You truly wish that she ends up becoming human and for her you wouldn't mind putting up with one tail, let alone 9 of them.

This has not just cuteness but hotness as well in the form of No Min Woo (plays Park Dong Ju). Hubba Hubba!  He is a vet by day and a the Gumiho hunter by night. He complete the image of the broody Hottie who is tormented by his past (Spoiler: his past looks exactly like Min Ho). So you can see where this going.

But all said and done,  I guarantee its a complete entertainer!

Do you have any folktales you have heard that involves a fox? Tell me! 


  1. there is this one where a gumiho was sent to a kingdom by the enemy. She was loved by all men even the king. When he enterd in contact with her he fell sick. His men ren after her and she showd her true nature and turned into a stone.Who ever sat on the stone she would kill him. Then one day came a monk who asked her why she kild people... i don't remember the whole tale

  2. Hey! I grew up in Kerala, an almost mallu haha!! Great to read your article on kurukkans, I actually haven't heard of that folklore :-) but ya it surprises me too that two different cultures have a similar foxy tale! I love this drama, i watch repeats for the cuteness of it all.

  3. OMG there are others from my land who are into the K world as well!!!!!!!! This calls for a celebration