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"Full House" - My gateway to a new avenue !

I first started watching Korean dramas back in 2008. In these past 3 years, I have educated myself enough to understand a lot more than what i started out with. The very first drama I started out with was "Full House". No, its not the one with the Olsen twins. This one stars Rain. Incase you are wondering, he stars in the movie "Ninja Assassin". Also stars Song Hye-Kyo.

For those who love stories revolving around marriage of conveniences, "Full House", is definitely your piece of cake. Popular Actor marries poor homeless girl for respectability while the talented spunky poor girl marries spoilt, arrogant, broody for her home. This is the perfect recipe for a Love story. Obviously, no story is complete without a little competition. In walks in second hero, who obviously loves the girl. And everyone one earth is wondering what she is doing with mean, angry hero when second hero is more of a prince charming. The spunky girl seems to lose her spunk after she falls for the broody actor and omg, how could i forget, the willowly second heroine who decides to stick to married hero like glue.
 Things progress on much as expected and you end up with a happy ending.

Reading the typical storyline, you would believe that this is a waste of time. you have seen it all and heard it all. But wait my friends! Korean dramas have a way of getting you addicted without your own knowledge. I was totally enthralled. the pace of the drama was good. within 16 episodes, the story was done. towards the end, the drama started to lose its awesomeness, but the journey was definitely good.

The Actors were really good. They believe in subtlety and it was this wonderful mixture of decent drama pace, good and popular actors, small funny moments that made this Drama into a mega hit.

These were my thoughts in 2008. Since then, I have watched many more dramas and movies which have opened up a completely new avenue of knowledge I never had before. Stay tuned, as i talk about more such amazing movies and must watch dramas.

Do let me know your thoughts on this blog. My first attempt at voicing out my random thoughts!

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