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Scholar who walks the night - Diaries & Secret Weapon (Series Review)

Korean Dramas goes through phases. 2013 was the year of time travel dramas, 2014 was for medical dramas and 2015 is the year of the vampires. There were vampire dramas previously like Prosecutor vampire I and II, but none like we had this year. After Blood and Orange Marmalade, Scholar who walks the night joined the club. Scholar also is a manhwa adaptation. Scholar had a few advantages over the other vampire dramas, namely Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk. If you want to pick a vampire drama to drool over this weekend, Scholar is definitely a good choice. Spoilers ahead.

Here is a short version. Kingdom is ruled by a evil and bored vampire, Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk). And the crown prince has written down the secret plan to kill Gwi in his dairy. His Best friend (Lee jun Ki) gets bitten and gets the power of the gaurdian vampire. Now with everyone from his generation killed including his lady love, he has become Flirty, cold and generous soul, looking Uber sexy!

120 Years later, Jo Yang-sun (Lee Yoo Bi) is a cross dressing book seller and through minor complications and major plot holes, becomes acquainted and later falls in love with our lovely Vampire hero. So now everyone is searching for the crown princes dairy. The good guys, the bad guys and the bored ones as well.

I was really excited to see this drama but once i saw it, it did fall short of all my expectation. Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk were the stars of the show and the solid acting by everyone else including present time Crown Prince Lee Yoon kept you hooked throughout. The chemistry between Lee Junki and Lee Yoo Bi was electrifying. i never thought that Lee Jun Ki had chemistry with any of his leading ladies expect for Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate), but my oh my, am I wrong here. The stares and the secret looks are sweet and hot at the same time.

However, all good things have to come to an end. What could have been one of the best shows of 2015 turned out to be a mediocre romance drama between a book seller and a vampire. And even that was not well shown. My major issue with the show was that it took 10 episodes to find the god damn dairy but 5 mins for Lee Jun Ki to realise that he is not going through with the plan in the dairy. So that is what happened in 20 episodes. Major storylines were run by in seconds while really boring plots were focused on till we wanted to smash something. We never took our eyes away from the screen though. Mainly cause of all that eye candy. Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim So eun had an oddly satisfying love story. I do wish they had focused on it as well.

Not sure what exactly happened during the story writing, since we know that another writer was introduced into the team after episode 10. But this drama was not shy of showing kisses, which was something I really liked. But I am always greedy for more.

Here are few of the Music videos created by really talented stars which I wanted to share. Enjoy. Also tell me in the comments below which was your favorite part of the drama.

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