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KBS's Blood - A Vampire Doctor Premieres Monday

We have a new doctor in kdrama land. Doctor and Vampire are two words that shouldn't probably come in the same sentence. But we have rookie Ahn Jae-hyun starring as Doctor Blood. Well actually he plays Park Ji Sang, a genius in his field. Like a lot of kdrama heros, including vampires, he appears to be cold and unfeeling on the surface but has a soft side to his animal instinct. Nobody can understand the value of a life unless they don't have it. And Dr. Blood is one of them who uses his supernatural powers to save his patients. He is in search of a cure for his current state and like all supernatural beings, wishes to be human. Yes, apparently he can be cured as his parents were infected by a "Vampire Virus" and thus he was born infected.

Gu Hye Sun plays Yoo Ri-T, an heiress doctor who is by nature bold, snotty and equally a genius as Dr. Blood. The teaser reminds me a lot of twilight, maybe because of the concept of a "vegetarian vampire". Let's see how the drama spans out. This is Ahn Jae Hyun third drama and the first one as the lead. He was expectional in You Who Came from the stars and You're all Surrounded. But can he carry a drama on his own. Only time will tell. Blood premieres Monday, Feb 16th.

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