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The Runaway Roommate - A Book Review for KDrama lovers

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a book I read recently, The Runaway Roommate. Wondering why I am talking about a random book in a Korean Drama blog? What if I tell you, the protagonist's love interest is a hot Half Korean guy. What If I tell you that the protagonist loves Korean dramas and discusses korean dramas with her gang of girls? What If I ... ok , you get the picture. 

The story is pretty simple. Gamer, Casey Peters is looking a roommate since she cant make her rent. Nothing tragic here. Just that her ex-roommate is getting married and has moved out. In comes in Casey's to-be love interest, David Reed (half Korean hottie who looks like Kim Kang Woo according to our heroine). 
Kim Kang Woo
Yes, she knows Kim Kang Woo! Sometimes I used to feel David just walked out of a Korean Drama. His mother once in a while makes an appearance with home made korean food and with heartfelt advice to settle down in life. Did I mention he has a Lawyer girlfriend who never really makes an appearance. We just know that she is kind of high maintenance.

Add in an ambitious ex boyfriend who wants to get back together with Casey, a gang of ever supportive girls, Korean Dramas and lots of kimchi and Soju... you have the core ingredients for The Runaway Roommate. 

There are some really cute titbits in the book like Korean drama nights. Casey and her 3 other friends have a KDrama Friday night where they drink Soju, eat Korean food and watch a Korean drama. No drama is mentioned by name. But every chapter starts out with the 4 girls discussing a scene from a Drama. So if you know your Kdramas, you know which one they are talking about. From Love Contracts to Illegal U-Tunrs, they discuss almost all kdrama cliche's. Its fun trying to figure out which drama they are talking about. 

For example, here is a conversation from one of the chapters. 

"I Love it when they write out a contract"
"I agree. Too cute"
"I promise to never love you or kiss you, even though you're super hot and we're living together. How in the world do they think nothing is going to happen."
"I really loved that baseball drama where the best friends lived together, never realizing that they've been in love for years."
"That one was kind of slow, but that kiss at the end made up for it!"
"Seriously! I still don't know why she wanted to take it slow after that. The man just kissed you like he was dying of thirst and you were a tall glass of water Why would you want to slow down?"

I am not so sure which baseball drama they were talking about, (obviously need to brush up my  Korean dramas), but I am pretty sure Full House was the first one they were discussing. 
I loved this bit of the story. Kind of reminds me discussing stories with Achaari and members on Soompi. 

They were many loopholes which I would have liked the author to close. Like once David gets together with Casey, his Lawyer girlfriend just disappears. I mean, nothing! No breakup scene or conversation where he discusses his breakup. I sometimes wondered if she was even real. 

Her ex-boyfriend was a huge part of her life and she kind of lost the will to live once he broke up with her for a better job and lifestyle. She turned into a recluse who has been running away from responsibilities ever since. David makes her realize what she has been wasting her time and her life and she comes back on track, Korean drama style. 

What I think about the book? If you like Korean dramas, and Chiclets. this is the book for you. Characters and sometimes side plots are a little flimsy but all in all a very entertaining and fun read. 

The book is first from the K-Drama Chronicles by C. S Mae. The other books in the series are stories about her friends and how they find love with a discussions on Korean dramas. 


  1. I think the girls are referring to the drama 9 Ends 2 Outs when they're talking about the baseball drama with the cohabiting best friends.

    Thanks for the review! :) I like it when two of my favorite worlds collide: books and dramas!

    1. thanks :) that is next on my watch list. Atleast for the kiss :)

  2. I was talking about 9 End 2 Outs. :) Good eye, muchadoboutlove. Thanks for the nice review, Jaysleen. Much appreciated!