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Korean Actors and Military Service - Our Reactions!

They say time flies. Try telling that to a K-Drama fan whose favorite actor has gone off to military service. I know it is mandatory. But sounds of breaking hearts and heart wrenching sobs somehow just follows the announcement. 

It happens all the time. I know... I need to come to terms with it. But all I do is two years spent viewing old photos of our hero, watching his old dramas and searching through forums and blogs on any news about him.

For those who are new to this event in the K-Drama world, every Korean actor has to undergo military service for 2-3 years. Sometimes, they are let go because of health issues but they can always undertake community service.

Once they are back is a whole new different story. From boys they have become men and not to mention that six pack we get to see... (Melting!!!)

So here is a compilation of reactions when we miss our Korean Actors for 2 years.

You visit your blog or forum an  read the title.

Then you click on that title and read through and realise... you are not going to be seeing him for 2 years!


You want to share your pain, so you go to Soompi and its Group Hug time!

 You wonder how two years would pass without watching his new drama or CFs

 In the meantime, you watch his old dramas and sigh at his good looks 

and when you are moody, you become overly critical of his acting skills.

You watch new dramas , get excited and without you realizing it time flies. 

And then that day arrives when he comes back - which means more CFs, more dramas, more interviews 

And the balance is restored again

Hope you enjoyed  my reactions. Please do tell me how you'd react. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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  1. Does this really happens to every actor?? I mean is it mandatory? My fav korean actor Lee Min Ho also have to go through this? Really? o.O

    1. Yup. Its mandatory unless you are ill or something. And yes, Lee Min Ho would have to go too :( One of my Hav actors are in Military right now and is supposed to come out at 2014 :(