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Korean Sageuk, Taeha and Fusion Sageuk Dramas

If you are a newbie to the world of Korean Dramas, you might find a few things a little baffling. For Instance, what exactly are Sageuk dramas?

Sageuk dramas are mainly historical dramas or period dramas. There is another category of historical and period dramas and they are called Taeha. You may not have come across this but this focuses more on the life of a famous person. It also is quite elaborate and writers use language which is stylized and full of archaised vocabulary. Sometimes it can include a small element of fantasy. A top drama which fall under the Taeha is Queen Seon Duk.

Saguek is shorter in terms of number of episodes and doesn't really focus on the life particular person. In Saguek dramas, the historical stories is more on the background while the stories of the characters are the main focus. There is a sub category of fusion Saguek dramas which include music in the dramas and the languages is more modern. Fusion Saguek would be dramas such as Warrior Baek Dong soo and Seongkyunkwan Scandal.

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