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What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - A must watch classic Rom-Com (review)

Korean Dramas have been leveling up in their plots and storytelling to cater to a younger and international audience. Public broadcasting stations like SBS, MBC and KBS are garnering ratings at less than 10%. PDs and stations alike are trying everything they can to get in more numbers. Longtime Kdrama fans have to agree that 2017 was not the best year for Korean dramas. In the midst of all this is a simple rom-com from a cable tv that is gathering ratings higher than public broadcasting stations.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim (WWWSK) is a cute romantic comedy with all the elements of the tired and tested storyline. Rich, narcissistic boss, Lee Young Joon in the process of preventing Kim Mi So, his secretary, from quitting her post ends up falling for her. Obviously, they share a past that is pretty dark. But this is mixed with so much cheesiness that transforms into some of the funniest scenes I have seen in a long time. But what sets it apart is the direction, hot chemistry between the leads, and a supporting cast that are just as interesting and funny as the leads. It doesn't follow the tiring love triangle, easy misunderstandings, and noble idiocy which I am eternally grateful for. And we have a Chabeol Mother-in-law who has been shipping the pair since forever.

For a drama to be completely successful, the writer cannot just focus on the leads no matter how sizzling hot their chemistry is. IMHO, Supporting characters are what completes the drama and they are what prevent the viewer from skipping scenes and changing channels. Before I talk about the leads, I have to talk about the supporting cast.

The Loyal BFF:
Kang Ki-young, who plays Lee Young Joon BFF, Park Yoo Sik lights up the screen every time he comes on it. He brings a charm to his character that makes him one of the most loved characters on the show. His main purpose is to always be there for Yeong Joon, so much that his sadness gets pushed aside sometimes. The writers have given Yoo Sik's character so much maturity while still making him the comic relief. I root for his happiness whether his happiness is with his ex-wife or wi
th his absent-minded secretary. 

The Dramatic Office Couple (The Cola Couple):
Bong Se-ra and Yang Cheol! What do I even say about them? The exaggerated version of Yang Cheol saving her from had me in stitches every time. The only thing missing is a Black and White setting because everything else fits perfectly to a 1930s melodrama. Their proposal scene was so epic and original that our Yeong Joon could take a tip or two from Yang Cheol.

Coming back to our leads, When I first came across the news of Park Seo Joon taking on the role of a Chaebol boss, I wasn't too thrilled mainly since I saw She was Pretty and it is my least favorite drama of Park Seo Joon. But I've been proven wrong. Park Seo Joon has taken on the role of Lee Young Joon and has made it his own. His comic timing is perfect! He was able to make Young Joon funny, adorable, narcissistic without making him look silly. 

Park Min Young is truly a legend. The way she was able to show us the change in her personality in the nine years as secretary from an amateur who has just finished college to a legendary secretary of the VP is astonishing. 
The two combined have one of the best chemistry I have seen in my recent drama watching. The story together as a couple and as professionals were endearing, funny, and sizzling. Their story progressed with the right amount of cuteness without boring us too much. The mystery was really well-paced with the right amount of suspense without dragging it too much. 
If you are looking for a rom-com to watch you should definitely give this drama a try.

Now available on Netflix! 

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