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A Tribute To My Favorite YouTube Video Editors

Ok, so this graphic is a little silly, but hey, read the post won't you?

Do you know that feeling when you love a drama so much, you feel a part of you dies when you see that last scene of that last episode?
I've been there so many times and it never gets easy.
So I watch the drama again, scour the internet for reviews where I can talk about my love for the characters, the writer, how awesome they all were. The posts grow fewer and far between as the months roll by. I’m still not over my addiction though. So I watch my drama again, skipping over the boring scenes and pause/rewind/re-playing my favorite scenes over and over.
I go on Soompi, waiting for someone to comment on that long forgotten drama. Not many do. People have moved on to their next craze and I’m still not over you, drama!!
What do I do now? How do I feed my addiction?
Oh, yes. YouTube.
Some very talented video editors were put on this earth to help us, tech-un-savvy, ungeniuses to get through our day without going insane. They give us that spark that helps us imagine something new.
Chingus, when you’re in the withdrawal mode – you know where to go.

Here’s to my favorite video editors. *raises glass*.
(I've chosen MVs for dramas not currently airing, but if you haven't watched them yet, you'll be spoiled. So play these at your discretion.)

OMG. Why so good???

Nerjaveika: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNerjaveika
She introduced me to slash. I know, it’s embarrassing to admit that I spent all these years not caring about a whole genre of love. But better late than never, right?

She chooses just the right song for just the right couple. I usually start watching a drama after checking out if she's watching it.

This video killed me dead. So perfect!

Who are your favorite video editors? I’m sure I missed some very talented guys so help a girl out and recommend some channels, won’t you?


  1. Already kind of commented on this on my twitter, but I just wanna say thank you again for mentioning me in your post. ^^ It really made my day when I got a message about it on my channel.

    That and I also wanted to add some of my favorite video editors to your list (Though you already mentioned Ayachan and Nerjaveika – who I think are just amazing. I’m totally jealous of their skills. Almost all their videos mind blow me. OoO''') Aside from them I also enjoy videos from MVTeeVee, Svetusikls, and Harukno89.

    MVTeeVee and Svetusikls normally help me find dramas to watch when I see their newest uploads, and then Harukno89 and I seem to like some of the same dramas and their videos are just downright amazing. So you should definitely check out their videos whenever you get a chance. ^v^

    AlmostVNS’s videos look wonderful as well so I’m glad you posted about them as well. ^.^b

    (Also, sorry if it bothers anyone for saying theirs instead of he or she. I’m not sure sooo yeah... .___.)
    * also Svetusikls newer channel (Svetusikls4) is gone so not sure if there's another one or not. :/

    1. Thanks. I will definitely check these channels out.

  2. i never thought about watching edited videos after finishing a drama sounds great